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2007 CotY Award Residential Addition Sacramento

The owner of this home was getting married and decided to remodel her home rather than move. She and her future husband had spent time looking at new homes but could not find anything that was exactly what they wanted. They wanted to add a new master suite, an additional bedroom with a closet, a pantry, and an office area.


One day, the owners heard our ad on the radio and then found out that one of their good friends had recently had a great experience with our company. Finally they ran into our company at one of the home shows and they were able to spend time talking with our staff. After speaking with several contractors, the owners of this home decided that our company was the most helpful.


The owners met with our estimator and felt that he was very upfront and direct with the possibilities for their project. The estimator spent time with the owners and was able to give them ideas that they had not thought of. They were also comforted by the warranty our company offers and by the good references they were able to receive.


The project was large and took several months to complete. There were a few problems that arose. Initially, a design issue arose when the building department determined a particular setback due to the property line. The shape of the master suite had to be revised. Both the draftsman and the owners were able to rearrange the design and come up with a solution that worked with the setback and their desires. Also, the foundation was formed incorrectly and too much concrete was poured. Our guys spoke with the owners, advised them of the situation and removed the excess concrete. Through it all, our company and the owners were able to communicate and quickly resolve any issues.


There were some very good reasons for wanting to add to the existing living quarters. First, the owners are getting married and the topic of “planning ahead” was on their minds. They were thinking about the possibility of having a family in the future and also thinking about their parents as they get older and if they may be caring for them. With the husband moving into the wife’s house, he had the ‘stuff’ from his house that had to be integrated into her house while still trying to keep much of her ‘stuff”. He also wanted a large, dedicated, full workout room and she wanted to keep the formal dining room and living room.


As seen in these pictures, this project was a huge success!


Garage Addition

The backyard of this home was large enough to extend into and still maintain a nice size yard.



The project scope included creating 1120 sq ft of additional living space. The addition space included a 10′ extension to the kitchen nook, a 4’x 10′ pantry area, a master bedroom and bath-room with a closet (3) times the size of the existing closet (or equivalent of (3) lineal ft of hanging spa.) and additional bedroom/workout space.




Home additions

VVhen the initial foundation was poured, it was erroneously over-poured resulting in a few extra feet of cement slab. The project lead sat down with the owners to inform them of the error and let them know that we would take the necessary steps to correct the mistake. The next day our concrete demolition crew came and removed the excess concrete.



Stenberg Home Renovation

The kitchen dining nook was extended to give the owners more room to dine together.



The property line dictated the shape of the addition, which resulted in a uniquely framed roof. When the roof line was designed, the owners were provided a very thorough explanation regarding the uniqueness of the roof.