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B-Line Construction is proud to be an authorized dealer and installation specialist for Chance products. We can offer you the highest quality, most versatile, and economical foundation and soil stabilization products available. Our fine craftsmen have been trained to resolve foundation problems both on commercial and residential buildings.


Each year sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls, and cracked and uneven floors affect millions of families. Buildings situated on unstable soils will settle when the foundation is subjected to moisture or poor drainage. A shifting foundation could result in structural damage and potentially, a loss of your investment. Foundation problems should be addressed as soon as they are discovered before the damage is irreversable.



We Install Pier Tech Helical Piles



Here is an example of a project we completed on “T” Street in Sacramento, California.


This 1800s building was scheduled for demolition. B-Line Construction lifted the building 10 feet to add a new first story which includes two separate apartments. The original structure (now the second story) still houses the original wood floors and porch corbels. The first story also retained its original single pane, sash wood framed windows. This project won a national award in 2000 for historic preservation.